20170616_215050My beautiful angel, emanating light from above, filling the Eternal void of my obliterate existence. You risk all coming here, Loving Me, For he will know of your Disobedience, evident in the scars upon your wings, where molten hands, mouths have loved you, seared flesh and feather alike in our passionate embrace. He will know of our betrayal, smell the brimstone of my fiery breath upon your hair. He will know, my Morbid Angel and great is his wrath renown. Stay with me, illuminate my darkness with visions of your own unearthly Beauty until my love has made you wan, and when you have become all but Darkness, too late you will see the risks you took in your descent to love me. My tragic Angel, there is fire and then there is fire. Return to him and his fire would strike you down in a blink of his omnipotent eye and all will be forgotten. But my fire burns forever, slowly turning passion to Blackened, seared flesh, imprisoning you in my hell never to leave my side, my concubine wrought of blissful pain. My Darkest Angel, say you choose to be mine.

2005 – Ophelia

Disobedience by Maggie Mae Molisee 2017
20×24 acrylic on stretched canvas


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