Cloudy With a Chance of Pride

Sometimes our inner beauty gets clouded by external pressures and it’s not always easy to let our true selves shine through. 20×16 acrylic on stretched canvas Advertisements


My beautiful angel, emanating light from above, filling the Eternal void of my obliterate existence. You risk all coming here, Loving Me, For he will know of your Disobedience, evident in the scars upon your wings, where molten hands, mouths have loved you, seared flesh and feather alike in our passionate embrace. He will know…

What is time anyway?

If you try to live in the past, you will find yourself depressed. If you try to live in the future, you will find yourself anxious. There is only one time in which you can truly live, The present, and the present is only a moment. So, what is time anyway? -Ophelia 2017 Detail of …

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole Maggie Mae Molisee 2017 12×16 acrylic painting             The white rabbit has been trying to teach me how to surrender the pressures of what is en masse considered reality. In fact, there are many alternate realities and such ideas as facts do not exist. Each of…


  Black and white acrylic painting of Marilyn Monroe’s likeness on 8×10 canvas board.  Completed sometime in 2014.